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The Beijing meteorology guesthouse subordinates in Chinese Meteorological bureau, is services and so on collection guest room, dining, conference, entertainment,

commercial work is a body central State agency top grade guesthouse, National Travel agency touches on foreign affairs three star class guesthouses, the Beijing 08 Olympic Games first batch receptions attains a designated standard the guesthouse.

The Beijing meteorology guesthouse is situated west Beijing the passenger station south 600 meters, Xuanwu district horse Lian Daona street 12, the close neighbor horse company said the tea city, family Le Fu, hundred live in contentment, Beijing units and so on audio and video building, New China Bookstore Main office, the guesthouse peripheral namely for this city biggest tea wholesale market and “ the central purchase area ” .

Here is situated at west Beijing the passenger station business circle between, west two, three links the transportation is convenient, the geographical position is extremely good, some 704 group public transportation direct link imperial family botanical garden Summer Palace, 46 groups go directly to the Xidan market, is away from Chinese traveling scenic spots and so on century world, central television tower, Tiananmen Square, Imperial Palace, Wangfujing, Temple of Heaven also 10--20 minute vehicle regulations, the guesthouse peripheral also has the multi-channel public transportations, is you travels the ideal place which, the shopping, the commercial visitor stay.

The guesthouse has between the luxurious apartment, the standard, the single the altogether 200 wraps, hundred writing rooms and large-scale, medium and small-scale conference room.In the room is equipped with facility equipment and so on the air conditioning, 24 hours hot water, closed circuit television, electric power wide band surfer, electronic door lock, monitoring. In the shop is equipped with the size banquet hall many between, may simultaneously hold 400 people to go to eat; May hold the large-scale banquet, the buffet, the cocktail party, also may the zero slightly pour.Simultaneously is equipped with the business center, music tea, peace and happiness center and the facility prepared KTV multi-purpose halls and so on the attached facility is complete, and provides machine, the ticket service to the visitor.Is you travels safely, active and so on commerce ideals, stays at the place.

The Beijing meteorology guesthouse as serves supremely take the guest the objective, wholeheartedly creates warmly, comfortable, the safe lodgings, the commercial work for you, dines, the entertainment environment.


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* foreign-related 3-star hotel
* The first standard hotel reception
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