The Beijing meteorology guesthouse is situated at west Beijing the passenger station business circle between west, west two, three links is away from south

the passenger station the square 600 meters, namely south square to south direct acting second traffic light counterclockwise to east 50 meters.Or the broad outside avenue bend street intersection along the horse company said the tea street travels southward the first traffic light to turn right 50 meters.



[?From drives guide ]
Goes to the capital next three surrounds six miles bridges to the west, to the east (the Guangdong and Guangxi road direction) south the second traffic light namely west passenger station the square street intersection right-turn, sees the traffic light again counterclockwise 50 meters namely.

[ reachsubway ] 

The No. 9 subway line six station in the east or west railway station by C port B port that is 600 meters to the South walk.

Metro Line 7 Wan Zi stand out D turn left along the Maliandao road walk 300 meters, see the traffic lights turn right 100 meters north to.


[?Rides in a carriage route ]

1. dozen gentlemen: With driver skilled worker said the horse company neighbor said the tea north end of town gate diagonally opposite or horse Taoism Le Fu, hundred live in contentment continually.

2. machine field patterns: Rides princess from the airport grave direction airport Pakistan (every 10 minutes kinds to start out from opposite directions folio, entire journey 16 Yuan) to princess the grave landing, about the gentleman 20 Yuan which hits again may arrive the Beijing meteorology guesthouse approximately, or the landing leads the way 20 meters, grave station riding leaves for too east the level bridge in princess in 704 groups public transportations, sits after the main terminal too level bridge east in, walks 50 meters in the intersection toward the east namely.

3. Beijing stations: Hits about gentleman 30 Yuan; Or leaves the Beijing station to ride 122 groups public transportations, in the bend station landing, crosses the street along the horse company to say the tea street walks continuously toward the south, the first traffic light turns right to the street among (to west) 100 meters namely. West.

4. Beijing passenger station: Hits gentleman 10 Yuan; North either leaves the square to sit 414, 609 public transportations to the horse company said the syli landing, leads the way 20 meters to turn right (to west) 100 meters, either south the passenger station the square comes out from Beijing walks continuously toward

the south, toward turns left to the second traffic light (to east) 50 meters namely.

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